Venice Biennale 2010

RAG Urbanism - a team featuring Gerard Reinmuth (TERROIR), Richard Goodwin and Andrew Benjamin - have been selected for the Australian Pavilion in the 2010 Venice Biennale.

The Creative Directors for our 2010 Pavilion - Ivan Rijavec and John Gollings - are curating an exhibition titled "NOW and WHEN" - comparing Gollings' magnificent photographcs of Australian cities with a series of proposition about these cities in the future.

Our submission, titled "Fraying Ground", uses texts by Andrew Benjamin on the work of TERROIR and Richard Goodwin as a portal through which the city in 2050 is reconsidered by the team as a whole.

Part of our submission text is as follows:

In order to plan the development of Sydney to 2050 there needs to be a number of points guiding both the analysis and the subsequent planning. RAG Urbanism’s project overriding idea has two components:

i) The city, the block and the building are part of a dynamic process that contains a potentiality for generating its own future: Sydney in 2050

ii) That potentiality is realised through a process of remapping and drawing across all scales.

The future is a condition of the present. The future occurs to the extent that the present allows for its own transformation. The project consists of investigations at all scales in which drawing and mapping and thus the reinvention of terrains and grounds will continue to produce sustainable interventions. Part of the project will be the investigation of a new urban strategies which because they incorporates the process of ‘fraying’, ‘knotting’ and ‘parasitism’ are able to operate at all scales.