Brick Masterclass

The Brick Masterclass was a program for the 12 most talented young bricklayers in Australia organised by Think Brick - and The masterclass took place at the end of February with part of the masterclass being to  build 3 brick seats designed by Innovarchi, Choi Ropiha and TERROIR.

The seats are placed in the heritage site of Chowder Bay. The site is a former military base and its European history as a base goes back to 1788.  In 1979 large areas of the Defence land became national park and in 1998 the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust took over most of the vacated buildings.

 The brief  was to design a seat of only one pallet of bricks with a maximum size of 3m x 3m and for it to be constructible for a team of 4 bricklayers during the master class programme of 5 days.

 Of the three sites ours was the central site known as ‘lovers’. This position gave possibilities of views to both the city and along the cliff into the harbor.

The masterclass participants working on the seat were Will Briggs QLD, Adrian Callipari VIC and Taurean Thompson QLD