East Darling Harbour (competition)

East Darling Harbour is a major development site in Sydney for which an international design competition was held in 2005.

The difficulty in working in Sydney in the current political and cultural climate is the prevalance of development parcel agendas to override a greater vision for the city.

We sought to address this issue via a city vision based in an understanding of both the cultural forces at play on the site and the landscape form itself which has been modified by industrial uses.  The result is a giant parametric model with an approximate overall form and key linkages back to the city and which enables development to occur within this overall framework.  Thus, development parcels can be sold off to the highest bidder as components of a parametric equation which in turn re-adjusts as each new parcel enters the market, preserving the overall form of this enormous development area, and thus preserving its contribution to the image of the city.