Fish 349

Fish 349 is a project in three parts: the original Georgian building, its 1970's extension and the new plywood and glass armature that connects them.  The impetus for the armature comes from the extended landscape of the street, its folds, twists and nooks that work their way into the new interior and position diners relative to pedestrians.  In this way the external space of the street is folded into the intimate space of a commercial interior in such a way that the interior is experienced as an extension of that urban condition.

The tool for exploring the contexts of this project has been the line: the direction of the street, the trajectory of a pedestrian, a line of sight.  These linear explorations result in formal, material and spatial delineations that vary from careful spatial studies to playful graphics.

At the point of entry patrons are held in a pocket space defined by the concrete floor that flips up the wall and back across the ceiling.  This space provides a threshold between the open kitchen to the left and the dining room to the right.  The dining room occupies the entire ground floor of the Georgian building and this delineation creates clarity through use about the history of these building objects (Georgian and 1970's).  This if further reinforced by pulling back the textures of the Georgian structure to reveal original materials: brick walls and a ceiling of the timber structure and lining to the floor above.

In this transformation of a grocery store into a contemporary fish cafe, TERROIR have attempted to modify existing fabric in a manner that brings new clarity to the history of its fabric and the modes of use in the extended landscape of Elizabeth Street.

2006 Interior Design Awards
BEST OF STATE: Commercial Interior Design COMMENDATION: Hospitality Interior Design

2006 RAIA Tasmanian Chapter Awards COMMENDATION: Interior Architecture

Photography by Brett Boardman and Shannon McGrath