Grape is a wine bar and bottleshop that occupies the ground floor of an 1800’s sandstone-fronted warehouse on Hobart’s Salamanca Place, a popular place for locals and visitors to the State.

TERROIR’s response sought to reveal the original fabric by removing the recent proliferation of fitout accruements and thus exposing the original cast-iron columns, timber floor structure above and enclosing white-painted sandstone walls.  These surfaces were left in their recovered state and clear sealed against further damage.

A series of cages-within-cages were then introduced to define spaces within spaces – for example on entering through the sandstone façade visitors find themselves between the façade’s inner surface the the first threshold of raw steel bars and reinforcement mesh in an informal sitting area.  Moving in to the steel cage enclosed space a central tall table runs full length of the space.  On one side is another secondary steel cage which holds the bottleshop component where patrons are able to pass in to and view the wine on display that is seemingly suspended in space within the thin-steel reinforcement.  On the other side is the service counter, formed by a finer-aperture reinforcement mesh surrounding a ‘filling’ of used wine bottle corks.

The wine motif of cork is continued in the new cork tile flooring over the existing concrete slab but does not run completely to the walls and internal supports to further the legibility of ‘new’ and ‘original’.