Highlands Retreat

TERROIR were successful in an invited competition for an eco lodge on the edge of Bronte Lake in Tasmania’s central highlands. 

 The design concept celebrates the communal “coming together” of guests who would dine at a communal table and enjoy the peace and solitude of this remote location around a large outdoor fire-pit and then the intense solitude that such a remote and densely vegetated site offers.  Guests would leave the central lodge and walk along duckboards that systematically break down in a network of paths that lead to individual cabins. 

TERROIR plotted the path of each walkway and cabin location on site to ensure no vegetation was lost and to ensure each cabin had complete privacy from other cabins through the screening of trees and placement of windows to avoid overlooking, even though some were only metres apart.  The network of paths took on the character of the well-worn paths generated by the local wombat population through the thick low-level vegetation.