Lauderdale House

This house is located in a suburban street running parallel to a band of sand dunes and alongside new residences failing to exploit their proximity and visual connection to the beach setting. The formlessness of the flat street and adjacent housing gives way to a sense of the particular at the dune landscape where a well-worn path marks an irregular route from the site to the beach.

The clients see the house as a retreat from their daily work routine. This "retreat" quality is best explained in their requirements for a blank-wall facade featuring secret door, through which cars pass and disappear. Having precisely defined a private domain, the clients are then free to occupy their "compound" as they wish, without exposure to the adjacent houses. Contrary to the primary function for a retreat, the clients wish to also harness a sense of exploration from their private domain - to the dunes and beach beyond, privately accessed from the front of the house. Thus, the diagram for the house suggests a "funnel" oriented to the beach as opposed to a complete enclosure.