This project shows the potential for positive outcomes even in the most difficult circumstances. An iconic retail environment has resulted with a form and design character that may never have emerged if the situation had been less difficult.

TERROIR grasped the difficulty of the situation at hand and turned it to advantage. The discrete nature of the location led to the suggestion of a major canopy to give a unique identity to the centre and thus brand it in a powerful way. A difficult, hidden retail space thus transformed, in one move, into a highly visible and attractive destination.

The form of the canopy responds to the cavernous nature of the site and the paths through it - flowing through this tight urban situation. The sunken retail mall was used to inspire the sense of a stone cut, or quarry, that informed the detailed material selection and pattern arrangement. As one goes deeper into the earth the materials and patterns change, to achieve differentiated retail environments for convenience stores, food and so on.