North Sydney Bus Shelter (competition)

In an effort to reveal and celebrate the opportunities of North Sydney, the design concept is an attempt to invoke intrigue and amenity to the people by the simple invitation to "look up, look down".

The Groundscape - reveals a trace of existence, a habitual pattern of use over the hard surface of the city, in a similar manner that the original bed rock was once eroded over time by nature. Incisions and insets in the ground begin to expose the hidden layers and inner workings of the city.

The Shelter - maps the activity people as a template for organizing zones of "shelter" and project out to engage with surrounding context. North Sydney's affinity with modern technology is the catalyst for the public facade-like underside of the shelters. Conceptually they aim to reveal the unseen (and inescapable) information, data and telecommunications systems that go unheralded in a modern metropolis.