NW Museum and Art Gallery

The North West Museum and Art Gallery (NWMAG) is an exciting cultural facility for the North West of Tasmania. Burnie City Council will incorporate its' Art Gallery and Museum into a new facility that represents and responds to the whole North West of Tasmania.   NWMAG will provide 1,400m2 of gallery and exhibition space and 1,200 m2 of back of house/utility spaces over four levels and includes a refurbishment of the town’s civic plaza and as such it will deliver a much-needed community and regional asset that will generate jobs, growth and value in the economic recovery phase of COVID-19. 

NWMAG will be a portal to the region’s extraordinary natural environment, its deep history and heritage and the resourceful communities - a portal that invites the arts into the city and region and the city and region into the arts. It provides new opportunities for hybrids of cultural and social life, beyond the specifics of its constituent parts of art gallery and museum.

Given this, the exhibitions and programmes - while core to the building's use - are just part of the journey.  The ground plane is organised around an urban room that is as much a part of the landscape and city as it is also a foyer and entry.  Walking in and around the building structures a series of encounters with art, city and the broader landscape through a series of "keyhole" encounters where space, place, art, cultural history and lanscape come together in a precisely choregraphed way.  We hope these encounters will stimulate further thinking and reflection on how these elements continue to inform each other.