Rozelle House

This project is for a garden room that sits at the rear of an existing century-old workers cottage in Rozelle, an inner suburb of Sydney. The existing cottage is typical of the area, a delicate, all timber building, simply and economically constructed that was reaching the end of its useful life and subsequently required refurbishment.

The basic design strategy* is a simple one, placing a rectangular pavilion to the rear of the property that, with the small rear yard forms a single indoor-outdoor living space, while the existing rooms are re-used as bedrooms and a study. Our primary interest in developing the design was in the discovery of a means to relate this new, precise glass pavilion to the existing building in a meaningful way. A series of structural components fabricated from slender steel sections bolted together forms the skeleton of the new pavilion. These steel elements achieve a delicacy in detail that relates to the cottage both in detail and in a historic sense, given steel fabrication methods at the turn of the century when the original was constructed.

*The project was designed to DA phase by Jane Silcock, and developed, documented and contract administered by terroir.