Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Masterplan

TERROIR, in association with Johnson Pilton Walker, were engaged in late 2007 for the Masterplan of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, which will set a path for the redevelopment of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery which has Australia’s most diverse museum collection spanning the arts, natural history and social history and the nation’s most significant collection of heritage buildings on a single site.

The recently completed master plan has as its core the following key aspects of the project: the exceptional natural landscape around the site; the exceptional suite of buildings; and the unique collection which combines both museum objects and artwork.

Given the sensitivity and significance of the site and collections, the project will be developed in an environment of the highest scrutiny. Starting with the collection which includes Australia’s finest collection of Colonial paintings, the only significant collection of Indigenous Tasmanian artefacts, and significant items from the state’s industrial heritage – key themes and points of significance are being sought. Then, in the context of the building stock – which includes Australia’s first purpose built art gallery, the oldest standing building in Australia and an archaeological site with significant indigenous material – the collection will be unfolded in a meaningful way.

From this analysis and the symbiosis to be developed between the two components, a series of key projects will emerge to fit with Government funding constraints and timing.

The project is of state significance and has been endorsed and supported by the Premier directly. As such, a high level of reporting through the Arts Ministry and Premier’s Department will occur, while on the other hand numerous reference groups from the client body need to be engaged with and consulted about proposals.