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TERROIR's new website is launched in January 2009.

TERROIR have had a website since just after the practice commenced in 1999.  While the site was always known for its detailed information and wide range of topics, the layout started looking tired and the interface came to represent how we work less and less.

The project for a new website started in July 2008 with a workshop including TERROIR Directors, Martin Kornberger, Ingo Kumic and Michael Lugmayer from TOKO.  This session worked through TERROIR's current practice and discussed how this practice should be positioned.

This exercise formed a brief for TOKO to develop design options for the site over the subsequent months.  The selected layout was selected as it presents a literal cloud of architectural activity - which is what we do.  Lectures, exhibitions, writing, teaching and projects all overlap to form the architectural practice.

The site was then built by twosixtwo late in 2008 and launched early in 2009.

TOKO, who designed the website, won a major design award for their folio during 2008 which included the TERROIR website. 

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