Ultimo Pool (competition)

We propose a strategy of rejuvenation for the site based on a series of concurrent narratives that explore, interrogate and interpret this place. This series of narratives intertwines with and explores the relationship between the various functions required by a brief and a far more potent issue - the formation of a place of connection at this hinge between Ultimo, Darling Harbour and the Sydney CBD.

We challenge the primacy of designing a "pool complex" on a particular "site", but rather propose a formal strategy that offers a series of connections, gestures and armature at an urban level. The intersection between these primary gestures and the required pool program forms a threshold between an attitude to the city and the circumstances of program.

We propose a sculpted place, as opposed to a building. This scheme might be for a pool, but it may also suggest a hall, an office, a community centre, or a library. Emphasis on an overarching response to place above to pragmatic resolution provides an opportunity for truly long term cultural and environmental sustainability.