Warriewood Valley Community Centre

Warriewood Valley Community Centre is a replacement of an aged collection of buildings on the site and their replacement with a custom-designed centre to serve the community of Warriewood and surrounds.  

The design of the centre is based in the negotiation between two key factors: the need to accommodate a series of functions on the site in custom-designed spaces, and a desire to minimise the impact on the existing trees and vegetation in line with best practice design methods and so that the new building takes greater advantage of its location. 

This negotiation between function and landscape results in the plan – a series of “boxes” containing different functions, carefully located to minimise impact on existing trees.  The result is a “freestyle” arrangement of functional areas, joined at the centre by a foyer or “public living room” for the community.  This central space is both a means of access to and from the different spaces contained within and stands on its own as a place for community members to read, play and occupy as their own home.  Immediately north of this foyer, and contained within the east and west wings of the centre, is a native garden that builds upon the existing landscape on site.