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International Studio: Aarhus

Gerard Reinmuth is teaching the first International Studio at Arkitektskolen i Aarhus, in collaboration with Niels Park Nygaard and Mads Tholstrup.

The studio is a response to the requirements of the Danish Culture Ministry that both Danish schools teach a Danish Masters degree, in English.

The project for the studio is set at the decommissioned jail in Horsens, Jylland, nicknamed "Slottet" (the castle) by locals.  The question is how the constraints of this existing structure might affect or suggest a major transformation that re-sets the building in the context of the future of Horsens.

It is important to understand Horsens not as a singular urban entity, but as a node in a 100 km long, densely urbanized strip along the east coast of Jutland, heavily interconnected in terms of infrastructure, labour market, housing, education, services etc., called ‘The East Jutland Million City’.  Politically the region sees itself as a counterpoint to the Copenhagen area, being its equal in size of population, and the idea is that the region - as an alternative to the high brow culture of the Capital –becomes a center for innovation and entrepreneurship.