36 The Calls (competition)

The competition brief called for not only an iconic building, but one which complements the existing buildings and is fitting to the location. Situated in the city of Leeds in Yorkshire, the building is to be a symbol of great design for the area, one which alludes to the history of the site.

Our design, which draws its inspiration from epiphytic plants, proposes a building that functions like one. This is achieved in two ways. The first is symbolic, by drawing from its unique conditions - Yorkshire's spatial intelligence and site – its form and configuration is articulated, very much like an epiphyte derives support from its surroundings without adversely affecting its well-being.

Secondly, it is also a sustainable, living and breathing project; being part of its context and not challenging it. Again, like an epiphyte which extracts moisture and nutrients from the air, rain and sometimes from debris accumulating around it, the building will harvest rainwater and feature a façade created from the reuse of bricks within a lattice frame.

Within this, a framework which can incorporate various programmatic arrangements is implemented, ensuring an outstanding architectural and commercially viable result. Standing like a modern watchtower at the confluence of river and street, it will become a symbol of Yorkshire's gentrification within a contemporary adaptation of its history.