Anzac Parade Amenities

TERROIR were commissioned to design amenities for visitors to Anzac Parade – Australia’s national avenue commemorating our servicemen and women.  The project was not without controversy – the essential need to provide a place for elderly war veterans to rest often being overlooked by the various heritage and community lobbies less interested in matters of national importance.

The design evolved from a clear and defamiliarised reading of the avenue as a 3 part urban structure – a band of southern blue gums forming a backdrop to a mown strip of land into which gravel forecourts announce each memorial.  The avenue is crossed by streets at either end and at the mid point.  These cross streets confuse the morphology and result in untidy grassed areas of a distinctly surburban quality.

Our proposal was to place the amenities at these cross streets, locating them at the mid point of the avenue for pedestrian amenity and as a means of addressing the unresolved landscape.  As with many TERROIR projects, the project itself became an opportunity to resolve another problem within the same framework.

The southern blue gums adjacent to the site imposed strict conditions in regard to possible building footprints, resulting in a site boundary composed of intersecting arcs.  These intersecting arcs thus became the site for the design proposal – resulting in both a functional response and a lyrical ‘landscape’ quality to the small amenity buildings.

In 2008, a visit to Venice and Carlo Scarpa’s canopy in the courtyard of the Italian Pavilion provided some confirmation of the potential for the proposal had it been realised.