Anglican Schools Corp Office

Following a successful collaboration with the Anglican Schools Corporation over a number of years across four of their school campuses, TERROIR was invited to design their new group office fitout to transfer some of the pedagogy and collaboration logics we have developed in the schools to a work environment.

The existing building is a banal late 1990's commercial office building with typical central core and a standard 2.7m high tile grid ceiling - less than ideal given the brief for an open plan collaborative office space that was capable of delivering a change in office culture.

To tackle the rejuvenation of office culture and collaboration we worked with the client to break down and reformed the siloed departments and organised them in collaborative teams based around projects and located in the one central working environment to encourage open communication.  The open plan was divided by a series of insertions into the floor plate, each carefully designed to break the banal grid, control the movement of staff and visitors through the space, control acoustic conditions and provide retreat spaces all whilst enhancing the potential of the existing floor plate.

The fitout delivers a light, bright and airy environment that fosters the staffs change from isolated departments into collaborative working groups.