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Canary Island Biennale 2012

Gerard Reinmuth has been invited with Anthony Burke as Guest Curators for the 3rd Architecture, Art and Landscape Biennale of the Canary Islands.

The title of the 2012 event is "Towards another reality. Paths and Detours". 

This Biennale will lend particular weight to the idea of the journey, as both action and destination, which constantly renegotiates the landscape. The Head Curator of the event notes that the "journey covers, recovers and discovers the construction and project of the landscape as well as the dialectics of its fiction, through the path and detour the subject traveller embarks on. Therefore, the journey is the vehicle that allows us (on getting to the bottom of it), to discover what lies “behind” landscape.

Based on these parameters, different itineraries will be selected to provide a framework for the exhibitions and activities, also emphasising how the concept of landscape redefines the idea of space, offering new physical and conceptual dimensions as a consequence of certain transformations that require new tools for analysis and new perceptual frameworks. We must go beyond Euclidean-Cartesian parameters if we wish to propose and institute a new paradigm in consonance with this convulse contemporary era."

The Biennale is a year long project concluding in October 2012.