TERROIR: Third Spaces

On the anniversary of two decades of TERROIR, we have published the first two in a continuing series of books on the ideas underpinning the practice.  The second in the series is titled "Third Spaces".

The concept of "Third Spaces" was inspired by an early project, Peppermint Bay, where a private food tourism development contained untrammelled access to the site for locals through the building, even if they were not visiting the restaurant.  The idea took hold that a space internal to other spaces - but not formed or organised by the primary logics underpinning the project - could invoke new types of space that insisted on public freedom and access.

Publisher Andrew Mackenzie (URO) writes that the ambition behind the book series is to "fundamentally recast the relationship between publication, building and architecture, retooling what an architectural publication can do."

The books are available from URO: https://www.uropublications.com/products/terroir-third-spaces 

First image in post by David Hyde.