Lindfield House

The very dark interior of an early 20th Century brick bungalow required reorientating the rear towards the backyard swimming pool and tennis court. The clients wanted an abundance of light to replace the pokey, dark kitchen, dining and study. The new extension required views and direct open access to a rear entertaining area for both family and friends.

The design process invloved removing the existing brick extension and replacing it with a new lightweight, indoor/outdoor pavilion with a folded roof pivoting around the rear corner of the building. A glazed axis was created parallel to the side boundary allowing views from the front courtyard through the kitchen to the swimming pool at the rear. Fanning out from this axis, a new angled glazed wall orients the kitchen and dining towards the outdoor dining area and tennis court.

The extension is envisaged as the space between a folded roof and moulded ground plane, which come together to create an enclosed living space, separated at times by glazing. "Talking" to this extension is a new folded awning clipped onto the garage, overlooking the swimming pool with views back towards the main house.

Photography by Simon Wood