Churchill Island Visitor Centre

Churchill Island is a tiny island of 57 hectares accessed from Philip Island.  This project will form a key entry point for those visiting the larger island for its multiple wildlife and landscape experiences while also in itself becoming a key destination.

The centrepiece of the island is the farm, operating since the 1850s and bought a former Mayor of Melbourne, Samuel Amess, in 1872.  The small collection of original buildings is located at the centre of a cleared area featuring tree-lined boundaries that shelter from wind and organise spaces, typical of farms of this period.

The new Visitor Centre will form an entry threshold to the island and be both a function and exhibition centre and also the gateway to the heritage buildings.  The building form is derived from the "found" geometries of the rooflines of the farm buildings but folded and creased in specific response to both internal functional requirements while ensuring key external views to and across the landscape are maintained.

The design was completed in 2016 and awaits commencement.