Prague Library (competition)

Archives contain secrets, histories yet to be challenged and re-presented. New contexts surprising and even horrific. The idea of the archive is not situated in the preservation of this material however but in the moment of its opening up - of revealing, of bringing a new light to things that have lain still for so long, protected. Like eggs - eggs that contain the potential horror of the metamorphosis of history as much as they contain its hope.

Prague is a city of dark tucks and folds; the folds of valleys that protect a castle, dark histories over laying creativity, and like the blackness of the black theatre of Prague it is these shadows, this blackness that intensifies the appearances of this city. These are the secrets of an archive tucked under the corner of the velvet blanket of the park, clustered in the shadows made below the fold. Their existence is revealed via ruptures in the park's surface, while their potentiality emerges as each cracks open in the lightness of the moment.