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Christine Mosbech

Christine graduated as an Architect MAA (Denmark) from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in 2013.  Her latter years in the school and graduation project were undertaken in the Program for Cultural Heritage, Transformation and Restoration.  During her studies, Christine also exchanged to McGill in Canada in addition to a broad range of other travels.

Given the focus of her university program, it is not surprising that Christine's speciality is in projects regarding heritage and transformation.  Her knowledge on adaptive re-use work comes from her participation in several transfor­mation projects where her interest in history combines with the potential of a new layer or life to the building to augment or enhance existing conditions. 

Perhaps inevitably given Christine's interest in adaptive re-use, sustainability is another key interest.  This issue is handled broadly, through social, economic and cultural lenses that impact on her design sensibility (which also draws on her Danish traditions and training) but also in a technical sense given her certification as a DGNB consul­tant.