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Parallax: 2009 RAIA National Architecture Conference:

TERROIR have been selected as the Creative Directors for the Australian Institute of Architects National Conference in Melbourne 2009.  This is the largest architectural conference in Australasia.  Terroir are the youngest and first collaborative practice to be appointed as Creative Directors.

The conference framework and structure invites the profession to take a parallax view of the conditions within which we practice.  For example, facebook communities are just one example of the complex contextual weave within which the processes and material of architecture now takes place.  An aspect of that taking place is the way in which architecture navigates between multiple and even parallax perspectives in forming a believable ‘tale’. 

It is the proposition of this conference that the architectural ‘tale’, is a fantasy that can enable our meaningful engagement with our challenging and changing contemporary condition.  We have invited architects and thinkers to consider their own work in relation to this proposition.

For more information go to the Australian Institute of Architects website.  Click here.

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