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Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin is one of Australia’s most renowned sculptors having won a significant number of prestigious art awards over the years for both his small works and his large-scale public art. Richard is committed to teaching and investigating the functional boundaries ascribed to the physical dimensions of public space. Richard’s personal projects and the Porosity Studio’s research seek to revise the public space of the city through public art.

Gerard met Richard Goodwin in 1998 while working with Richard at the Australian War Memorial on a collaboration between Richard and Denton Corker Marshall’s Sydney office where Gerard was based.  Since then, TERROIR and Richard have worked together on a number of projects including the competition for the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, the Ryde House, Castle Hill Surgery and a number of competitions.

Richard's thinking on porosity and the parasite architecture of the contemporary city has been a major influence on the practice as has his working method with its reliance on both digital and analogue models and his preservation of space to "dream" of and tell stories about a project.