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Sou Fujimoto

Sou is one of TERROIR's favourite young architects and as such it is an honour that he has agreed to collaborate with us on the Parallax conference.

Through numerous projects for health-care institutions in his early stage of development, Sou conceptualized a loose and ambiguous order in architecture, simultaneously akin to a house and a city.  The random plan seen in the Children’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, completed in 2006, epitomizes such attempts. Images conjured by, “The condition before a house and a city differentiated,” was inspired by the city of Tokyo itself. This notion was further developed since then, and currently, he is pursuing experiments in architecture to fuse the Natural and Artificial, a City and a House, Inside and Outside. Projects such as House N, House before House, Final Wooden House are indeed attempts to engender articulated forms to these ambiguous conditions.