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Richard Blythe Lecture in Slovenia

Director Richard Blythe will be delivering a lecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia on 06 April 2009.

Entitled 'Architecture Cubed or 3x3x?: Architecture and the Design Space of Architecturing', Professor Blythe will discuss the production of architecture by reflecting on the works of TERROIR. The lecture will illustrate how, through reflective practice, architecture is inherently conflicted and this conflict is described in trilogies such as: inside, outside and surface; past, present, future; the Real, the imaginary and the symbolic. Vitruvius' trilogy Firmness, Commodity and Delight provides an historical precedent. The lecture will explain a possible strategy for designing in such a conflicted condition and tease out some possibilities for future practice.

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The lecture will also explain how this architectural investigation has occurred as a design practice rather than philosophical or historic enquiry and proposes that research that is not undertaken by designing things risks irrelevance to the discipline of architecture and by extension other design disciplines. Central to the thesis is the proposition that design is not just an appropriate subject of research it is research in its own right in that through designing things we come to know the world in new ways. The academy has failed architecture by not creating PhD structures and research paths that are essential to design practice. Instead they have tended to develop self-referential and peripheral enterprises. Re-casting design as research provides a way that venturous practice can re-engage with the academy to jointly develop more relevant and effective research forums.