TERROIR portrait

TERROIR have been invited as part of a distinguished group of Australian architects to participate in Australian Style I: Architecture - an exhibition exploring contemporary Australian identity through creative process to be held at the newly opened National Portrait Gallery in September 2009.

The main theme of this exhibition is: identity through creative process.  The exhibition foregrounds the philosophy and creative process at the core of each participant’s practice, hence constituting a ‘portrait’ of their style. 

TERROIR has gathered together a team including two favourite collaborators - Brett Boardman and John Vella.  Brett is taking a series of portraits while John has produced a major video artwork/installation that captures the character of our creative process by overlapping models, projects, landscapes and conversations in a 16 minute video piece.

Brett's session with Gerard on Bondi Beach has been captured in the photogaphs accompanying this posting.  Brett's images of the video filming sessions are also posted here.

Main photo: Photographer Credit: © Maritza Cafatti

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