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Residential Clients

Every successful residential project involves a committed, supportive and collaborative client.  While these clients cannot be individually featured on the site for privacy reasons, we want to acknowledge their involvement in the residential projects featured here.

Every completed residential project on the site has been procured using the "traditional" method of full architectural services including contract administration during construction.  We steadfastly believe this is the only way to procure high quality outcomes in residential architecture given the level of control, focus and customisation required.  The proof for us is that projects not procured in this way have not met our expectations and are not featured here.

For a non-professional client to understand the benefits of full architectural services requires a strong relationship and a high level of mutual trust and respect.  These qualities have been the foundation upon which these successful projects have been realised.

In special circumstances, and with their specific agreement, individual residential clients can be contacted if needed.