Nga 2007 thumb2

The Australian National Gallery: as it was

Gerard Reinmuth curated this annual AAA exhibition at Customs House with Richard Goodwin.

The National Gallery as it was completed in 1982 remains largely unknown, even to those who visit on a regular basis.  The Gallery groans under the weight of a range of adjustments to existing fabric, a major addition in the late 1990s and now faces the construction of a new entry next year.  Not surprisingly, Madigan’s original vision struggles to survive - starved of its original context and subsequently misunderstood by members of the public and the architectural profession.

Via an exhibition of Max Dupain’s photographs of the building as completed in 1982 – photos that are “toured” via accompanying texts from Madigan – the Gallery will be revealed as it was intended to be and as it could be again should we have the vision to insist upon it.  Original sketches by Madigan and video footage rounds out this unique focus on a man and his masterwork.

We hope that – via this truly surprising exhibition – the public will be reconnected with the extraordinary achievement that is our National Gallery and in seeing it anew, will take more than a second look on their next visit.

TERROIR  also sponsored the project through the donation of all time spent on the exhibition