Brooker Bridge

Brooker Bridge is a new link over the main arterial road that enters Hobart from the north.  The pedestrian and cycle bridge makes an east-west connection from the city to the Domain that has not been possible for decades given the scale of Brooker Highway.  

The unique form of the project resulted from complex programmatic requirements, demanding that the bridge operate like a "swiss army knife" - a tool that can satisfy multiple needs.  In this case, these needs include multiple connections to the street and two buildings - before leaping across the highway to land in the grounds of the original University of Tasmania building.  

The mapping of different views possible in crossing the bridge to key points in the city resulted in a second layer of adjustments within the overall form, resulting in a crumpled appearance above the highway.

In addressing multiple access questions and organised around key spatial criteria in response to the city, the new Brooker Bridge will transcend its fundamental pragmatic role as a meaningful threshold and marker when entering the city from the north.