Stadshallen I Lund

The Stadshallen in Lund is a significant building designed by Klas Anshelm in the early 1960s as a small theatre and council chamber in the southern Swedish town.  The diagram, locating leaf-shaped halls in the triangular podium, results in a foyer and circulation spaces of great subtlety, and a certain strangeness.  Despite the simple diagram, the unusual combination of forms and exceptional detailing typical of the best Swedish work of this period has resulted in a small building of great power.

The competition requested a more contemporary functional brief (in terms of both technical performance and increased size) to be somehow overlaid over this small and subtle gem.   Our proposal seeks to restate the primacy of the original and to insist that it is not compromised by the requested expansions and new spaces.   To achieve this, a series of interventions were proposed, subtle in formal terms but profound in the way they would reinvigorate the building and significantly expand its porosity, programs and thus users.


The six key interventions were highlighted in the proposal as being of the greatest transformative power while also being designed so they can be separately implemented, if need be, given existing leases and other management issues. 

In adding these six "instruments" to the existing hall, the proposal strikes a balance between deference to a small masterwork and its rejuvination to take a greater role in Lund's cultural life.