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Bauhaus Open

Gerard Reinnmuth has been invited along with a number of international guests to the Weimar Bauhaus.  

The event - the International Bauhaus Open - is a symposium on architectural education timed to coincide with the end of the school year in the Bauhaus Masters program.  Gerard and other guests will therefore also participate on review panels.

Gerard will talk about how his experiences at TERROIR give a particular perspective on designing an architectural education for the future - a project explored in a series of writings with Tarsha Finney from the University of Technology, Sydney and which has resulted in the redesign of the Masters program of which Gerard is Coordinator.

Other guests at Bauhaus Open included Alberto Campo Baeza (ETSAM), Zegeye Cherenet (Addis Ababa), Alexander Schwarz (Chipperfeld Architects), Karl Heinz Schmitz (Bauhaus) and Johnny Rodger (Mackintosh School of Architecture).