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‘RE:HAB’ Student Congress

TERROIR Directors Scott Balmforth and Richard Blythe speak at the 2009 Australia New Zealand Student Architecture Congress ‘RE:HAB’ Held at the University of Canberra.

TERROIR's lecture was titled ‘RE:PLACE’ and discussed the creation of ‘place’ within the urban landscape - responding to and enhancing the cultural and physical qualities of site. 

Richard and Scott presented selected TERROIR projects via 4 key themes of; Politics, Cosmpolitan, Ethics and Parallax.  And yes, the image accompnaying this article does in fact show an image of Mr Potato-head, harnessed in a line of argument by Richard Blythe to explain our cosmopolitan condition. 

In addition, on Wednesday 8th july:
-Richard participated in a workshop seminar titled ‘RE:THEORISE’ with Craig Bremner and Gevork Hartoonian which looked at ‘how do we as architects position ourselves within the contemporary situation?’ and;

-Scott chaired a workshop seminar titled ‘RE:DESIGN’ with Bruce Townsend, Tone Wheeler and David Sutherland which looked at ‘up close and personal with architectural projects at an intimate scale, with reference to sustainable methodologies in contemporary practice.'

TERROIR thanks Kevin Hui who tweeted this image.