Stockholm on the Move

Gerard Reinmuth was invited as one of four international guest tutors for the workshop and exhibition "Stockholm on the Move" in Stockholm, Sweden.

The project is hosted by Fargfabriken, an architecture, art and urbanism organisation in Stockholm who is partnering with the City of Stockholm on a long term initiative to foster debate about the city's development.  This debate is occuring in the context of the 2030 Plan for Stockholm and consists of forums, symposia, design studios and exhibitions.

Gerard's role was as studio leader for one of four studios that produced work for an exhibition at Fargfrabriken from October to December 2012.  Gerard's group addressed the VULNERABLITY of Stockholm, tested through the scenario of a mass arrival of 100,000 immigrants.  Through TERROIR's research strategy for projects, the group explored a vast array of issues from the potential for using unoccupied office buildings for housing to the black market which exists in this social democracy for access to housing, so limited is the supply in Sweden's capital.

For more details about the Stockholm on the Move workshop, click here.