The Opera in 3 acts

120 students from Arkitekskolen Aarhus in Denmark visited Sydney in March to work with 120 University of Technology, Sydney  students on the Opera House, before heading to a workshop in the desert near Broken Hill.

The idea for the collaboration came from Torben Neilsen - the new Dean at Arkitekskolen Aarhus - as a way of generating a collaboration between UTS and Aarhus universities, where TERROIR Director Gerard Reinmuth holds an Adjunct and Visiting Professorship respectively.

In a period when studying architecture involves less and less study of actual buildings, the ambition of this studio has been to engage the students with the Opera House in physical terms, studying it, drawing it, mapping these phenomena and reflecting on these findings.  The results of the studio are 180 separate assignments which test and prod and question the building, developing in the students an awareness of what can be learnt from exemplars from our own discipline.

Less tangible is the cultural exchange – in terms of the culture of two countries and of two schools – which has taken place.  The final such exchange will take place on Friday night at the studios.

The images with this listing are from the first week of student activity, site visits, and social events.  An exhibition was also held to conclude the event.

Photographs by Gerard Reinmuth, Zuhal Kocan and Louise Heebøll.